Friday, August 7, 2009

Taking a Break

Yup, that's right... I was taking a break. Don't worry though, the links for the shopping lists are actually good for each week. Click on them and they should take you to the current shopping list for each store.

Additionally, if you are still looking for something to do in The Buff this summer check out my post HERE.

One last thing, there are so many things that make The Buff so great... here's my list of favorites:
  • Treasure hunting in your neighbors trash on bulk trash day.... and your neighbor's neighbor, and so on.
  • It really is the City of Good Neighbors ... we've been on the receiving end of garden fresh veggies and flowers from several friends and neighbors. We've also been on the giving end and it's so nice to share with our neighbors and friends.
  • The weather is great and there are tons of things to do.
So what have you been doing this summer in The Buff?

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