Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grocery and Drug Store Lists 5/17-5/23

Find your Wegmans list HERE (thanks Liz at Frugal in Virginia)
Find your Walgreens list HERE (thanks Stephanie at Couponing 101)
Find your CVS list HERE (thanks Stephanie at Couponing 101)
Find your Tops list HERE (posting soon)
Find your Jubilee list HERE (posting soon)
Find your Aldi list HERE (thanks Sharon at Good, True and Beautiful)
Find your Target list HERE and HERE (thanks Ginger at Attention Target Shoppers)
Find your Walmart list HERE (thanks Stephanie at Couponing 101)

If there is another grocery store here in the Buffalo area that you shop at let me know and I'll try and find a list for you. You can either leave me a comment or send me an email at


Alaska said...

Okay, so not to be a naysayer, but I went to print coupons and I am truly wondering if the coupons I printed are going to save me as much as they cost me to print. One coupon per page in color ink (not to mention that half of them require postage to mail in and get the rebate). Really? I want to save money...

Amber said...


What coupons are you printing? You do NOT need to print them in black and white. Occasionally they will print 1 to a page if you are only printing one and then it will print an ad. You can cancel the print after the coupon comes out. It really just depends on how much your ink cartridges cost too. For us it works well and is cost efficient.

If it's a mail in thing...well, that's up to you. Some times Mail In Rebates can actually make you money. You can use a coupon on the product then mail in the rebate for a full refund. If it's a $5 product and you have a $1.50 or more coupon it comes out to a money maker after postage and taxes paid.

Let me know what you're doing and how I can help.

One coupon you ABSOLUTELY should print is the $1 off Kraft BBQ from It's on sale at Tops for $1 right now so it's FREEEEE!

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