Monday, May 25, 2009

Stockpile Pictures

OK, as promised, here are pictures of the supplies I've been able to get. Most of this was FREE and what wasn't free was dirt cheap.

There is food too but the food side of my storage is a mess and I need to organize it before I show the world :).The bag hanging on the right is full of candy and gum. The bag on the left is full of medicine (high were the kids can't reach :). Top shelf: household cleaning supplies, candles and toothpaste.
Second shelf from top: body wash, mouthwash, men's shave gel, women's shave gel, shampoo and other hair products. Third shelf from top: diaper wipes, feminin products, hand soap, shampoo, dish soap and kleenex. Bottom shelf: toilet paper, feminin products, trash bags and paper towels.

Diapers - think we have enough? The top shelf they are stacked 2 deep. The lower shelf they are just 1 package deep.

Two bags FULL of travel size things, deodorant and other small things that don't sit well on the shelf.

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