Thursday, March 4, 2010

SwagBucks: All About Codes

Search & Win

Occasionally SwagBucks will put out codes that will help you earn even more 'bucks'! You have to find them and you are not supposed to share them or tell others where they are (your account can be deactivated for this) BUT you CAN give hints. It's like a treasure hunt every time they are out!

Codes can be worth various amounts and put out at any random time. They put them on their Facebook fan page, Twitter, Flickr, the SwagBucks website, their Blog, the Toolbar and even in the monthly Newsletter. Oh, my... let's not forget about the Swidget where you will find hints and codes on occasion as well. The Swidget is a widget you can put on you blog, your facebook page and various other locations. You'll find one at the bottom of THIS blog! You can find out if there is a code available and any clues of where to look for it, or the directions to find it, on the Swidget. You can download your own Swidget through the SwagBucks website. On the bottom of the Swidget is a button that is labeled 'SC' for SwagCodes, you click on that and it will tell you if there is an active swag code or not. As stated previously, the Swidget on occasion will also have a code directly on it. All you have to do once you find the code is to copy and paste it into the "Enter Code" box located on the right of the SwagBucks home page.

For more information about SwagCodes and where to find them check out their page about it HERE. Then check out Adam's blog TattooAstronomy where he walks you through finding previous SwagCodes that have expired. (this will help you find future swagcodes).

Sign up NOW if you haven't already and start being rewarded for surfing the web!

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