Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SwagBucks: Daily Tasks

Search & Win

Today I'll earn my 2nd $5 Amazon gift card this month, I LOVE this site! There are so many ways to earn 'bucks' on SwagBucks. We've talked about getting started and codes in previous posts. Now I want to tell you a little bit about how to earn bucks through easy daily tasks.

There are several things you can do that I would call 'Daily Tasks', all of which earn you a few bucks everytime/day you do them. With the new SwagBucks 3.0 there are so many little things to do.
  1. Make sure you are using SwagBucks as your search engine. I earn between 10 and 30 bucks each day just by searching the web. I find that the more 'natural/real' my searches are the higher my rate of return is. For instance, if I get on periodically through out the day and search for things I'm genuinely interested in searching (even searching for sites I'm about to visit like Facebook) that I earn more per day than if I just search to get bucks. Know what I mean? Let's be really conservative and say you only win 10 bucks a day on searches (one win per day) that's 3650 bucks a year!
  2. Use Your Toolbar! If you haven't downloaded the tool bar... DO IT! Each day you use the toolbar you will be rewarded with 1 buck. I know that sounds like pennies when you have to earn 450 bucks just to redeem for a $5 Amazon card ... but let's look at this. You can do it every day so if you did it EVERY DAY than you would earn 365 bucks in 1 year... that's almost enough for a $5 Amazon gift card JUST for using a toolbar once a day! Combine that with all the other things you're doing to earn and it certainly helps you along.
  3. Page through the Special Offers Blue Box every day! Before the birthday you could only page through the blue box once a week and the max you could get was 1 buck a week (now equivalent to 10bucks). Now you can page through it every day and the amount can be 2 bucks, or 3 bucks, or more. The amount is usually the same all week long. This week it's 2 bucks. Again, sounds like pennies BUT if you do it everyday that's 730 bucks a year... combine it with your toolbar bucks... your coming along now.
  4. Watch some videos! On the Special Offers page go to Wall 2 and you will see a few videos. Right now there are 3 different videos on my Wall 2. There is a Karate Kid trailer that is worth 2 bucks, it's about 2 1/2 mins long. There is an Axe commercial that is 17 seconds long worth 4 bucks. Finally on page 4 (still on Wall 2) there is a Macy's video, also 17 seconds and worth 4 bucks. You can watch each video once a day. Right now that's 10 bucks a day if I watch them all each day. That would work out to 3650 if you watch the videos each day for a year.
Let's add those daily tasks up: 3650 for daily searches + 365 for the toolbar + 730 for paging through special offers blue box + 3650 for the videos = 8395 or 18 $5 Amazon cards* in 1 year for 5 mins a day ($90)! Nice little chunk of change!

Have I convinced you to join yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Go Join Now and get your $90+, probably even in time for Christmas!

*Amazon Gift Cards (e-cards) are currently 450 swagbucks. They are in my opinion the best deal and let's face it Amazon has EVERYTHING! You can stack the gift cards - use more than one at a time - and they will even apply to your shipping charge.

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