Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SwagBucks: Getting Started and the Basics

Search & Win

If you haven't already signed up for SwagBucks you really should! I LOVE SwagBucks! Last month SwagBucks celebrated it's 2 year anniversary... errr, birthday. Now it's even better than before with more was to win and a cool new look.

Last month I redeemed for $20 in Amazon gift cards (well, e-gift cards but the same since Amazon is only online) and I'm just a beginner! It's super simple and easy. SwagBucks is a 'Search & Win' site that is powered by Google and Basically you use it to search the web - can it get any easier than that? As you search you will randomly win "swagbucks" which you can redeem for giftcards, and/or swag (many, many items). They have a toolbar you can download for Internet Explorer and for FireFox that will allow you to do your searches very quickly and easily with out going to their home page. If you use Google Chrome you can change your settings to use SwagBucks as your search engine.

There are other ways to earn 'bucks' as well, one is through codes, another through daily tasks, special offers and online shopping and finally through referrals. I'll be telling you more about these other ways in the next few days so stay tuned....

For now watch this video of SwagBucks in the news and GET STARTED Swaggin' or in other words, searching the web and getting rewarded for it!

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