Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Favourite Things

First I LOVE FrugalCouponLiving where Ashley tells you about all the deals and the low down on the free items for the week. She also has grocery lists for several stores. While she hails from Florida, it's still a usefull site to find deals on drugstores and all other stores in general.

Along with the multitude of couponing websites that are out there I love getting my printed coupons from They have new coupons almost everyday and you can print 2 of every coupon. This week they have $1 off 1 McCormick spice or extract and $.75 off a fresh Dole Pineapple. There was a deal at Tops last week where if you used the $.75 coupon on pineapple you got it for $.49!

I've also discovered Hooray For Freebates where Lori tells you what has a try me free rebate available. If you pair your rebate with a coupon you can actually end up making money. Is this dishonest? has been a question that's asked a lot on her blog and her answer is "the manufactures know what coupons they have out there when they publish their rebates" - so it's up to you. In last Sunday's paper there was a $1.00 off coupon for Sargento's salad finishers, and right beside it was a mail in rebate, try me free offer! None the less it's a great way to try lots of products for free and to never have to pay for shampoo or deoderant again (j/k)!

The last blog I've enjoyed visiting recently and that I think would be helpful to anyone anywhere is BeCentsAble: Grocery Gathering where lots of people contribute and you can find lists for sales and coupons for your local grocery stores.

Now, as far as things specific to Buffalo...I meant to post last a huge list of free events/ideas of what to do that I compiled from information from The Buffalo News' Friday edition of Gusto, the Western New York Family Fun Magazine (which you can find for free at you local library or Wegmans) and Channel 2's What 2 Do section. Alas, I got tied down with other things and wasn't able to post it but those two resources will help you find fun cheap things to do every weekend, I'll try again this next weekend to compile the list. There should be some more Maple Syrup events this coming weekend for the celebration of the maple harvest that started this past weekend!

If you are thinking about getting a paper subscription...why not try it out for 2 weeks FREE from The Buffalo News. Go HERE to sign up.

So, put some clothes on and surf in The Buff!

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