Friday, March 20, 2009

UPromise is for Everyone!

Did you know that saving money for college or to pay off those college loans couldn't be easier? Have you heard of UPromise? Well, if you haven't you need to go sign up for it. Go HERE for information.

I just discovered this in search of coupons. Here's the easiest part, all you need to do is register your store savings cards (those that have partnerships with UPromise - almost all of them do) and load your card with eCoupons that send a $ to your UPromise acount when you purchase those items. Whether you remember to purchase them or not you can load up your card and if you just happen to purchase something that is a UPromise get the credit for it. No THINKING, no HASSLES, no WORK, just REWARDS!

So many people we know are here for school and we hope everyone takes advantage of this deal to pay off those loans and or pay for school!


Megan said...

Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. It is good to know you have a blog too! I love finding good deals. And it is so nice to have more people on the look out. My friend told me about the apple sauce I am excited about that one. I didn't know about the soap! I will get that one for sure! Thanks! Okay so I don't really understand this Upromise thing?

Amber said...


The UPromise is basically a reward system that can be tied to your Tops or Wegmans (or any other store) savings card/bonus card. It credits you in cents or dollars for products that you buy that are part of the UPromise group. Things like toilet paper, cleaners, food, anything really. Another part of it is you can up load special eCoupons for special items of the month that give you even more $ towards your "savings account". There are two other parts of the UPromise rewards system 1) additional credit for buying things online through their search engine and 2) dining out and using a specific credit card, one you already have, just by designating it on their website.

This is not a hoax, I've seen this around for awhile and their website is a secure website.

Basically you don't need to change any of your habits or buying preferences if you don't want to. You will just get credited for the items you buy on transactions where you use your store savings card. Once a month you can go to their site and load up on the eCoupons to get even more $ for special items - and when you just happen to buy them (using your store savings card) than you will automatically get the additional credit.

Sounds simple enough, huh?

O, and you can designate who ever you want the savings account to be for, or if you want it split between different people you can designate what percentage goes to each person.

I hope I've explained this all clearly, The UPromise website can explain it better so I would just head on over there :o)

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